Thursday, July 31

New Ruby Slippers Pattern

I think I am almost done with these little cuties! I have knit them in a latte color Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK because it is what I had on hand. Now I am knitting them in a lovely red color Cashmerino and I think they are going to look very vintage. I have always had a thing for little red baby shoes. A big huge THANKS to all the test knitters who are working away at the patterns to give me their feedback. This is a huge help as I would like these patterns to be streight forward and well tested. I will have a few more patterns available for testing in the next few weeks - Angora Bolero, Wee Mittens, Anya's Cardigan, Cropped Layette Jacket and Layette Booties. Flick me an email if you want to do some test knitting!


Isabella Golightly said...

Hi Hadley; I would love to do some test knitting for you, baby stuff is just right for my short attention span (and I'm in the groove right now with the pattern I just bought from you!)

Susan @ IG

Isabella Golightly said...

oh and now I feel like a complete twit because I was reading all your old posts & didn't realise this was from a year ago! See what I mean about the short attention span! Ignore me, I'm going to start my rib!