Tuesday, September 2

Anya's Cardigan

The cardigan that started it all. About 9 years ago when my first sonny was a little babe, I had a friend who had a little girl named Anya and they would often come over to play. Almost every time I saw little Anya, she wore a beautiful hand knitted cardigan over a white t-shirt. It was such a simple and classic look but these days when babies are wearing little adult clothes, it really stood out to wear something so retro and vintage and...babyish. I asked my friend where she got the lovely cardigans and it turns out they were knit for her when she was a baby and she had kept them all those years waiting to give them to her own babies.

Something must have sparked within me that day because I have wanted to make this lovely vintage cardigan ever since. I am so happy to have worked on this pattern for my book and I hope that it is well enjoyed by many.

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Melissa said...

this is absolutely adorable - love it!