Wednesday, July 23

Tweet Tweet Cardigan

Tweet Tweet Cardigan, originally uploaded by hadleyfierlinger.

As the deadline for my pattern book closes in on me, I am beginning to see some of my designs come to life. I have about 12 patterns "in the can" and 12 more I am stressing about. Stressing is ok though as it lites a fire in me to get cracking! It is all coming together and has been an insane amount of fun for me. Seriously, it should be illegal how much fun I am having.

Here you can see one of the patterns in development: Tweet Tweet Cardigan. Because I want to use semi-worsted weight yarn, it is quite hard to get the details on the birds to look "birdlike" and not like airplanes. We will get there eventually! With so many feminine patterns in my book I wanted to do a little something for the new age sensitive male babies out there so I hope you would knit this for a boy?

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