Tuesday, April 15

New Organic Brown Merino is yuuuummy

07d Sheepherding (05), originally uploaded by *amy&kimball.

Just got my first order of Treliske Organic Brown Merino in the Post today and I am looking forward to getting some Cardigans, Caps and Booties Knit before they run out. Apparently the dark brown merino is very hard to come by which is why it has been kinda hard for me to source a nice chocolate brown merino for the past few years. Spun entirely from Treliske's coloured Merino flock, this soft undyed Organic Wool is so perfect for baby clothes because it is a natural product with it's lanolin intact which makes it exceptionally soft. Now to decide what to knit....

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hadley said...

Just added some cardigans and booties this week!