Friday, October 19

Wanted: knitting memories

I have been busy the last few weeks putting together a book proposal to a publisher in California! Woo Hoo! I can not even define how excited I am about the idea for a knitting pattern book and I am already cracking away on some designs that *almost* make me want to have another baby. It is so much fun!

Part of my book will include quotes and stories from women who recall their earliest memories of knitting. I would like to capture some of these stories from your mother and her mother so I can document the changes knitting has gone through in the last few generations. To do this, I need YOU!

Do you have a knitting Grandmother? Where did she get her yarn? What did she knit? Did you save any of her creations to pass down to your family? Are there photos of her knitting? Why does she love knitting? I want to hear from her (or you can tell me her story).

All contributions will be considered for publication in the book. Please send me your submissions via email or post to this blog. Time is of the essence!

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