Friday, October 5

etsy baby goodness

I spent some time (too much) this week finding some lovely little items for baby gifts on etsy. There are so many items on etsy and it can take a really long time to find the good stuff. I love the fact that everything is always changing on etsy. With my knits, I have a few pieces for sale that I will never make again because some of the yarns are made in small batches. That is what makes it so fun for me. I can design and create lots of one of a kind items and it all just adds to the market style of etsy - if you see something you love, you have to get it then and there because it may not be back again.

If you want more info about any of these items, check my favorties page on etsy - enjoy!

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apple of my eye said...

Hi Hadley, thought I'd let you know we have the gorgeous felt shoes you have pictured in your favourites from Etsy in our store - YAY!! they are just as beautiful in person! Don't forget to say hi, if you ever pop in, it would be lovely to meet you..

hope all is good - and happy new year!
Apple of My Eye
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