Sunday, March 18

Back in the saddle

Well, here we go again. I started this blog in, um, July of last year for goodness sake. I am a pathetic excuse for a blogger. 8 months later I have been struck with inspiration once again. I have made some changes this year to and the big idea now is that I have no time to run a business that requires 100% of my time and energy. I would love to do it if I didn't have 2 gorgeous boys that were a billion times more important than a silly 'ol website. That sounded fake didn't it? Well the truth is, my darling boys won't ever leave me alone for 2 seconds. I love them. Feel the love. But I am struggling to remain sane after 7 years of not having any time to create and make and design. has been bigger than I ever thought it would be and I love it immensely still. I just can't manage to sell the actual knits anymore. This was a huge decision for me because it is the first time in my life I have to turn down work. I have decided to continue designing patterns. It's basically keeping me busy and I'm still in the game. I still have excuses to go buy more yarn. Not making the knits anymore has actually been really freeing. I can now venture off and design other things and I'm not limited to the sad selection of yarn here in New Zealand. But that is another story...

I have just finished a new girls beret pattern that I finally got to see on a real live girl last week when Jasper's friend Edie came over to play. I love this veregated perendale from my stash and I think Edie looks quite cute in her new hat. This is what I can do now. I can knit with other wools. It is a whole new exciting world!

Like most of my patterns it is knit with a semi-worsted wool. Now I need some testers! Anyone out there want to to be a beta knitter for me? Pretty please?

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