Monday, October 19

Magpie Patterns

As the cooler Autumn temps are settling in on us here in New York, I am suddenly itching to knit and I have about a years worth of knitting projects in the queue. (just as well because I am in the midst of an almost perpetual winter since leaving the Southern Hemisphere for the Northern).

I have been browsing the book shops and knitting stores here in New York and I realize there is no shortage of patterns and projects but for me it has been an overwhelming experience. When I get overwhelmed, I run home and log onto to help me figure out which pattern is best. Ravelry is great but still, there is a lot to weed through.

Then along came Magpie Patterns which has a lovely (and growing) selection of independent needlework patterns including knitting, crochet, embroidery and sewing all displayed by the well curated eye of its owner. In addition to individual patterns there is a beautiful selection of all my favorite craft books as well.

Over the years I have had many requests for a baby cardigan pattern that is knit all-in-one piece. I finally found one on Magpie Knits!
Manda Ruth, a little hooded cardigan by Jane Richmond, is knit from the top down and is virtually seamless. Seed stitch adds texture to this raglan sweater and worsted weight yarn makes this project fly off the needles. How cute?

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Love it!!!