Wednesday, July 4

Dalia's Blanket

Dalia's Blanket, originally uploaded by hadleyfierlinger.

One of my very best, oldest friends has just had her very first baby, a girl, Dalia. This is the very first baby from this set of friends and I don't have words to describe how excited I am. I just wish she wasn't 6000 miles away from California. The very second I heard that Lauren was going to have a baby I whipped out my NZ organic merino wool yarn and my circular needles and I searched for a pattern. As this was my first blanket I was looking for a simple pattern and I found the perfect one in Knitting for Baby. Basically, the pattern is knit diagonally like a shawl. Increasing at the beginning of each row until it was long enough to keep a baby warm and then decreasing on the down slope. Presto - 10 (cough) months later the blanket is 99.9999% there! It has a cute little eyelet trim around it too. I was going to crochet a pale pink around the edge but since the baby is born and all, I better put it in the mail. I just wish I had the time to do some embroidery on it like MANTA DE BÉBÉ BEM QUENTINHA! VERY WARM BABY BLANKET!. As I get to the very last rows of this blanket I am feeling a bit lonely because I enjoyed the ease of this project so much. I need to find another super easy pattern I can knit while watching TV during the long dark southern winter.

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