Friday, July 14

Welcome to shescraftyness

Welcome. This blog is something that I have been wanting to add to the site for quite some time now. has been a labor of love for me for the last 4 years and reciently, I have made the hard decision to stop selling knitwear and to focus on pattern making and doing more knitting myself. You would think that having a knitwear business would mean I am constantly knitting but in fact, I hardly ever have time! This new decision brings me closer to the original idea of shescrafty which was all about seeking inspiration to create.

It just so happens I have a love for creating knitwear for babies and toddlers. It is hard to say what exactly it does for me but now that my baby boys are getting bigger, I realize just how short sweet babyhood lasts. I love the texture of knits and the amazing variety of yarns to create with. I also love the warmth that wool brings to the skin. I love the timeless look of a plump baby dressed snugly in a hand knit cardigan and hat. I love little chubby toddler hands filling out woolly mittens. There is beautiful simplicity in vintage designs and I am always inspired by them.

My new vision for is to continue to design patterns that will be available on the website for PDF download. I am hoping to add other designers to the shescrafty site as well as feature acts of inspiration for those of us who love to knit and create for babies. I will be adding knitting kits including the amazing organic merino wool that our garments are knit with. I will also be selling vintage pattern books from my growing collection.
If you are interested in shopping for our baby knits some items are still available until stocks run out.

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Hi Hadley,
I understand totally about your decision to focus on designing and knitting yourself. I get the same feelings you do with knitting for babies/toddlers. I finally will have my own grandchild come June and all my friends know that my needles will be flying( as soon as I finish this ten month old's sweater as promised!).
Many friends have asked me about making and selling garments but besides the copyright thing( I don't exactly "design" any myself only change things up a bit), I tell them if it's a job it won't be fun anymore.
I am excited to make this new cardigan pattern and I thank you for making it available to the public. I loved making your baby Mary Janes as a set to a Mini Pinafore and ruffled edge hat( all in Green Apple with ladybug buttons on them). Never got a good picture.
Looking forward to seeing what else your designer's mind comes up with!